Tytan Magnetic Learning Tiles Building Set with 100 pieces


About this item

? 100 Piece Set ? Magnetic tiles in various shapes and colors, plus a vehicle base, provides for 1000’s of possibilities to create structures
? Build What You Dream ? From castles to camels to skyscrapers to rockets; only your imagination is your limit
? Less Screen Time ? Spark hours of creative play while fostering teamwork & collaboration among kids, all while reducing screen time
? STEM – Designed to help develop STEM skills important for children of all ages
? More Than Just Fun ? Use the tiles as an educational tool to develop vital skills including: shapes, colors, pattern recognition, magnetic principles, motor skills, problem solving, 3D design & architecture
? Magnetic ? Each tile has a unique ability to attract magnetically together, even when flipped and from various sides

? Tytan Tiles is certified by the STEM.org Organization as an integral educational tool & has won the Brain Child Award by Tillywig as a product that nurtures your child’s intellectual or emotional development.

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